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Puzzle Gift Ideas for All Ages and Occasions

gifts for puzzle lovers, clear pieces puzzle and wine opener puzzel

Solve the Gift-Giving Dilemma: Puzzle Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Are you looking for puzzle gift ideas that go beyond the usual puzzle options online of jigsaw puzzles to crossword? Well, look no further! This post offers plenty of unique and challenging puzzle gift ideas that will delight any puzzle enthusiast out there.

Like reading, puzzles have been a popular pastime for centuries because they provide an unmatched sense of satisfaction when you finally solve them. They’re not just fun, though – they’re also great for your mental health. Studies have shown that regularly engaging in puzzles can improve memory, attention span, and problem-solving skills, making it a perfect gift for grandparents or kids. Whenever you gift a puzzle not only are you giving a great gift, but you are also improving the recipient’s cognitive function!

So, what are some puzzle gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary? Consider getting a puzzle that’s beyond the recipient’s usual skill level. If they really enjoy puzzles, they will love the challenge. A challenging puzzle can provide hours of entertainment and a sense of accomplishment when it’s finally solved in an incomparable. Any puzzle nerd will appreciate it.

The beauty of puzzles is that there is always something for everyone. Whether they are a visual person who loves jigsaw puzzles, siblings playing together, a word lover who enjoys crossword, or a number cruncher who can’t get enough of Sudoku, there are puzzles out there that will suit every interest.

Puzzle Gift Ideas

  1. Cain’s Jawbone Book
  2. BrainBolt Machine
  3. Wine Bottle Puzzles Games
  4. Unsolved Case Files
  5. Gravity Maze
  6. 3D Tic-Tac-Toe
  7. Rubik’s Cube
  8. The Clearly Impossible Puzzle
  9. Shape Shifting Box
  10. Maze Ball
clear puzzle - puzzle gifts

The Clearly Impossible Puzzle

Designed to be one of the hardest puzzles you will ever complete (if you can). 

Cain's Jawbone book - puzzle gifts

In the impossibly difficult murder mystery book only four people in the world have actually solved it.

Cain’s Jawbone

Wine Bottle Puzzles Games

Wine Bottle Puzzles Games

Encapsulate a nice bottle of wine or champagne in this beautiful puzzle contraption and watch the gift recipient try to figure out how to free the bottle. Perfect Secret Santa present.

Unsolved Case Files with pictures and folders recreating crime folders

Unsolved Case Files

In order to solve this cold case murder mystery game you’ll need to find 3 separate clues that crack open the case. First, prove why the convicted man must be innocent. Then disprove a key suspect’s alibi and finally identify the clue that will put the real killer behind bars for the murder. With 3 different mysteries to solve in order to play the game, this case will challenge your investigative abilities.

3D Puzzles of an owl

RoWood 3D Puzzles

They will be able to build a functioning clock. Challenging and fun enough for adults or teens not too complicated, all the pieces of the clock model fit well, and just a bit of critical thinking is needed.

memory-boosting machine - puzzle gifts


The memory-boosting gameplay is designed to help everyone from juniors to older improve their memory and reaction skills, so kids and grandparents can have fun together or solo!

Gift Card Holder Maze - puzzle gifts ideas

Gift Card Holder Maze

If you decide to go with a gift card, then at least fun and exciting for them to get it.

all black puzzle - puzzle gifts

Krypt Black Puzzle

Don’t let a single color scare you away from this fun puzzle.

shape shifting box - puzzle gifts ideas

Shape Shifting Box

with 36 magnets the shifting box can transform into over 70 Shapes. the fun goes beyond the physical shifting box when you download the Mobile app.

3D box and blocks wooden brain teaser

3D Wooden Brain Teaser

The intellectual challenge for problem solvers and game lovers. This a perfect desk toy gift idea.

gravity maze puzzle

Gravity Maze

With so many cards with indications on possible combinations, this is the kind of toy that doesn’t get discarded quickly, the perfect game for rainy afternoons.

Laser maze toy - puzzle gift ideas

Laser Maze

With Over 50 Million sold, Thinkfun Is the world’s leading manufacturer of brain games and mind-challenging puzzles. The Laser Maze is one of the many favorites.

3d tic tac toe - puzzle gifts ideas

3D Tic-Tac-Toe

geography card game - puzzle gifts ideas

Geography Card Game

4 maze balls - puzzle gift

Maze Ball

where is waldo book collection - puzzle gifts ideas

The Waldo Watcher Collection

A classic present for children as well as adults. No matter the age, getting lost in the sceneries looking for Waldo, Wanda, and the Wizards will always be fun.

rubik's cube - puzzle gifts ideas

Rubik’s Cube

A puzzles lover’s classic.

mind game book - puzzle gifts

Ultimate Mind Games

A fantastic collection that includes over 400 puzzles to test your mind, and challenge them.

wire balance game - puzzle gifts ideas

Wire Balance Game

Award-winning, and exciting balancing game for families; designed for 1 to 4 players, this game will have everyone hanging on the edge of their seats

wooden blocks puzzle - puzzle gifts ideas

Wooden Blocks Puzzle

Fantastic to get young minds excited about puzzles.

puzzle 299 dogs and one cat - puzzle gifts ideas

299 Dogs and 1 Cat Puzzle

Dog lovers will particularly love this puzzle. Also available for Cat lovers.

puzzle sorting trays

Puzzle Sorting Trays with Lid

puzzle table - puzzle gift ideas

Puzzle Table