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12 Prank Ideas for April Fools’

mugs with april fools day text

for the Jokesters: Pranks Ideas for April Fools’

The day of jokes and hoaxes is upon us, and whether you are a skilled mischief-maker or a newbie who needs a few prank ideas for April Fools, this list of gags and props will make you the most popular prankster around. Including novelty gags, and coworker gifts that are sure to get a laugh, this collection has something for everyone. Some of the items are classic pranks, like unique mugs that change when heated while others will require some creativity to pull off. No matter the case, don’t let the joke be on you. Plan accordingly this April Fool’s. Prank wisely with these prank ideas for April Fool’s.

pack of shock pens / prank ideas for april fools

Shock Pen 

The classic zap pen. Never gets old, and are you shocked? It works so well. This set also comes w

model opening a card, glitter explosion / prank ideas for april fools

Glitter Everywhere Envelope

how to make a friend a friend-enemy. Send an Anonymous Prank Card

roll of toilet paper / prank ideas for april fools

Fake Toilet Paper

Roll of toilet paper that won’t tear. Perfect prank bathroom prank.

halo camera lens to be used as a coffee mug

TMANGO Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Realistic looking coffee mug.

an opened refrigerator full of produce. milk, oranges, yogurt, eggs, produce has attached googly eyes

1000Pcs Googly Eyes Pack

Surprise the family with unlimited Googly eye potential. This is a classic prank idea for April Fool’s.

a t shirt with graphics  of a cat flipping the finger inside the shirts pocket / prank ideas for april fools

RIPNDIP Lord Nermal Pocket T-Shirt

A sneaky graphic tee. You’ll always have a prank in your pocket.

a plate with three chicken wings

BBQ Chicken Wings Soap

This handmade chicken wing soap set is a perfect prank idea for April Fool’s. Set them up in the bathroom and watch the magic.

five scratch off lottery tickets

Fake Scratch Off

Just make sure the person you are giving these to has a sense of humor.

a person opening a container and it exploting into glitter


Annoyingly hilarious mess. Easy to order, and a fantastic way to prank a friend.

a coffee mug with  April Fools text written on it

 April Fool’s Day Mug

Celebrate with a mug. Substitute Salt for Sugar in their morning coffee.

the picture of a dog pooping on the beach

Pooping Pooches Calendar

This year will not stink with this 12 months of Pooping Pooches Calendar. $1 from each sale is donated to help a dog in need