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Practical Teacher Essentials

a collection of teacher essentials, desk mat, timer, pencil case, jumpsuit

Unleash Your Classroom’s Potential with these Practical Teacher Essentials

As a teacher who has navigated the ups and downs of classroom life, I recently got together with fellow educators to discuss what truly makes our classrooms functional and welcoming. These conversations revealed some invaluable practical teacher essentials that have become non-negotiable in our daily teaching practice.

In our teaching careers, we each develop our own unique style and classroom management strategies, yet we share common goals: organization and comfort. To achieve these, there are certain items beyond the standard teaching supplies that come highly recommended by many of us who have been in the trenches.

These practical teacher essentials are not just about having the right tools at hand but about creating an environment where both students and teachers can thrive. From innovative organizational tools and gadgets to items that add a touch of comfort to our busy days, these essentials have been game changers.

One piece of wisdom I’d love to pass on from our discussions is the importance of being well-equipped from the get-go. Reflecting on my own journey, there are practical teacher essentials I wish I had known about earlier. Now, I’m eager to share these findings with you all.

So, whether you’re fine-tuning your classroom management or just looking to make your teaching day a bit easier, I’m here to share some practical advice gleaned from our collective experiences. Dive in with me as we explore these essential items that can transform our teaching and our classrooms for the better.

tote bag


“I like that I can fit my laptop and a full binder. In the front pockets, I mostly keep my keys and some personals. The Water bottle pocket is a must-have”

lanyard for Ids - practical teacher essential


“I like accessories, and these lanyards are super versatile, they can be worn with a variety of colors, and are super light on my neck”

set of lanyard wooden beads

Personalized Lanyard 

“These lanyards are like adult fidget toys. I catch myself playing with mine all the time. I have way too many of them, started a collection, I just loved them”

tube of cerave handcream - teacher essential

Hand Cream

“My hands get super dry throughout the day. CeraVe absorbs really well into the skin and doesn’t leave my hands greasy at all.”

pac of three hand creams set - practical teacher essentials

Organic Shea Butter Hand Cream

“I got these as a present from a parent, and since I buy these for myself. I like to keep one tube in my car, one in my purse, and one on my desk.”

lunch bag - practical teacher essentials

Weitars Lunch Bag

“I use this every day and it’s incredible. It fits so much stuff. There have been times when I only take this bag and my laptop. That’s how versatile it is.”

reusable cutlery set -practical teacher essentials

Reusable Cutlery Set

“I bought this metal cutlery set in an effort to stop using plastic cutlery at work during lunch. I absolutely love this set, the look, the items, and the sleek case it comes in which fits on the side of my lunchbox so well.”

brümate coffee mug

BrüMate Coffee Mug 

“What a leakproof mug should be!! This mug is the game changer. Everyone will suggest Yeti or Stanley, but truth be told those leak so bad. The locking lid falls into its open position and is held back by a magnet which is outstanding. 10 out of 10”

20 oz glass tumbler - practical teacher essentials

20oz Glass Water Tumbler

“I dislike the metallic taste in most water bottles, and the plastic ones are never as aesthetically pleasing. For the look and price, this is one of the nicest tumblers on Amazon.”

iron flask water bottle

IRON °FLASK Water Bottle

“I’m one of those people that needs their water cold! I won’t drink it any other way. You can fill up this bottle in the morning before leaving for school, and I can guarantee you, that you will still have ice by the end of the day. I love it.”

sleeveless jumpsuits

Sleeveless Jumpsuits

“Super comfy Jumpsuit, and they have a ton of color options to choose from.”

standing pencil case, one closed one opened

Standing Pencil Case

“Cutest pencil holder! I love how I can pull the case down and find the exact marker I’m looking for. Amazing quality and the zipper is great!”

large pen pencil case - practical teacher essentials

Large Pen Pencil

“I’m a resource teacher visiting different classrooms several times per day. I love the organization this allows. Pens/pencils in their own section, middle and other side pocket for post-its, paper clips, stickers, etc. The easy loop handle makes it easy for me to grab and carry.”

post it note dispenser in the shape of a cat

Post-it Pop-up Note Dispenser

bag with stuff engraving

Organizer Bag

“I keep this bag either on my desk or in my bag. It’s filled with all kinds of stuff, location, a small deodorant, an extra iPhone charge, pads, my vitamins, a hairbrush… it’s like the junk drawer at home but in a bag.”

space heater

Space Heater

“I don’t know how it is in other schools, but my classroom is always freezing. I found this little thing, and boy it is insanely strong.”

wireless presenter pointer

DinoFire Wireless Presenter

“I got it for school (I use slides ALL day in my class) and it works great about half the time. You can’t beat the price.”

label maker - practical teacher essentials

Label Makers 

“Just get it! It works for simple/quick projects. Nothing fancy and super easy to use once you download the app.”

computer monitor stand with computer on top

Computer Monitor Stand

“It’s sturdy, and holds the weight of my monitor. This is exactly what I needed. Works perfectly and allows me to store my keyboard when not in use.”

desktop vacuum cleaner

Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

“Perfect for cleaning up pencil shavings and goldfish crumbs.”

computer stand - practical teacher essentials

Ergonomic Computer Stand 

“Really enjoy my computer stand. It’s very lightweight, and I am able to bring it with me home on weeks I know I’m going to be using my laptop a lot after class. I am able to adjust it to different heights. It is very sturdy.”

desk mat, with computer and headphones on top

YSAGi Desk Mat

“I wanted to add a pop of color to my desk and this fit perfectly. I wanted a smooth surface so my computer mouse could roll comfortably over the surface. It’s very easy to clean, I use Lysol wipes to wipe it down and it doesn’t stain easily.”

two timmers

Classroom Timers

“Purchased this based on reviews and the description available on Amazon and delighted that we did as kids loved them finding them so easy to use and in such eye-catching colors. Now not a single task is done by them without using their timers.”

Aromatherapy Diffuser machine

Essential Oil Diffuser

“Helps me keep my classroom fresh. Every now and then whenever the kiddos are too wild I put some extra dots of lavender oil, and it magically relaxes us all.”

pencil holder organizer with pencils

Pencil Holder Organizer

“Pleasantly surprised as to how great this product is. For once, my colored pencils are organized and I can find the color I need in one smooth spin. Would highly recommend this.”

rotating pencil hoder organizer

 360 Rotating Art Supply Organizer

“I initially bought this to combine several desk pencil holders into a single item. The rotation gives quick access to everything. Great find.”

mobil stand up desk

Mobile Stand-Up Desk

“I got this table for my classroom. It has kept me on my feet and kept me more mobile. It is the perfect height for writing while teaching. I can also lean back on a tall bar stool and still have access to the computer. It is perfect!! I could not be happier with it!”

t shirt with graphics of bee and the words bee kind - practical teacher essentials

Bee Kind Tshirt

“I’m one of those teachers who wears graphic tees, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The Bee Kind one is one of my favorites.”

set of stamps

Teacher Stamps

“I bought these stamps for whenever my students grade each other’s work, and they were a hit with them. The colors are really bright, and the container keeps them organized. Great product for the value.”

pack of pencils - practical teacher essentials

40 Pcs Flexible Pencils

“I like to give these out on birthdays. At times they could be a bit of a distraction for certain students, but overall they are fantastic.”

heavy duty staple gun with staples

Heavy Duty Staple Gun

“Every teacher needs to own a heavy-duty staple fun, stop using your stapler to decorate your classroom. Once you discover the power of the staple gun, you are going to want to staple everything in your path.”

roller for Screen Cleaning

iRoller Screen Cleaner

“I got a screen cleaner as a present from one of the parents, and I ended up buying a couple of extras for my students. We use iPads in class, now before/after we turn them on, we wipe our screens with something other than our t-shirts.”

lightweight sweeper - practical teacher essentials

Lightweight Sweeper

“This is an underrated product. I used to have a broom and dustpan in my classroom, and whenever someone made a mess, they had to clean it up. I can’t tell you how many times, the dirt never made it from the dustpan to the trashcan, instead, it would be sprinkled all over the room. No more!”