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Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas

a selection of housewarming gift ideas, salt and pepper shaker, set of candles, a plant and humidifier

Warm Welcomes: Practical Housewarming Gift Ideas

Christen a new home with a practical housewarming gift that goes beyond the traditional bottle of wine or candle. A housewarming gift doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy; at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts. The purpose of a practical housewarming gift is to celebrate the new home and show support for the homeowner, so the emphasis is on the thought and consideration put into the gift, rather than its price.

When picking a gift, ensure that whatever you decide on as a present is something thoughtful, and a product they’ll actually use and enjoy. For plant lovers stepping into their new garden space, consider gifting a set of elegant planters or a collection of seeds that promise growth and greenery. Bakers moving into a new kitchen will appreciate a time-saving kitchen gadget that simplifies complex recipes or a stylish trinket dish to hold precious rings while kneading dough.

Real estate agents looking for the perfect real estate closing gift might opt for something that makes the new house feel like a home instantly. Whether it’s practical utensils for the kitchen or decorative items like a trinket dish to add a personal touch to the living space, these gifts serve as a warm welcome to new beginnings.

Check out this list of practical and inexpensive housewarming gift ideas for some inspiration. From helping plant lovers bring a touch of nature indoors to offering bakers innovative tools to explore new recipes, the right practical housewarming gift can turn any house into a home. Remember, it’s not just about the gift but the warmth and well-wishes that come with it, making the new space feel special and loved.

plant stand and ceramic pod

Fox & Fern Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand -Including Ceramic Pot

For less than $50 Fox & Fern offers different stand sizes for different pot sizes. The craftsmanship of their stands is amazing.

salt and pepper grinder set with wood spoon and spice cointainer

Salt / Pepper Grinder Set

A salt and pepper grinder set is the perfect practical housewarming gift.

a pair of oven mitts

Kitchen Oven Mitts

Every home cook appreciates practical tools that combine function with style. These beautiful kitchen mitts are perfect for those who enjoy cooking or baking. And speaking of baking, why not check out our selection of time-saving kitchen gadgets to find more practical gifts that fit any kitchen decor?

fragrance diffuser on top of a book, next to two essential oils bottles

Essential Oil Diffuser

This ceramic fragrance diffuser is a great and practical housewarming gift idea. It makes any room fresh and inviting instantly.

Coffee Table Tic Tac Toe Game

A beautiful piece comes in a variety of sizes.

poster of classic cocktails and the recipes | house warming gift ideas

Classic Cocktails Poster

A cute addition to their bar car or kitchen wall. This poster lists some of the classics, from martini to mojito.

Bird Feeder

From a variety of colors to choose from, this acrylic mid-century style bird feeder is guaranteed to be a hit. For more garden-themed gift ideas, explore our cool squirrel feeders to add whimsy to their outdoor space.

set of 3 dish towels

Dish Towel Trio

Dish duty isn’t so bad with towels this pretty. We’re here for the contemporary and colorful aesthetic of this microfiber three-pack that any homeowner can appreciate. Not only stylish but also a practical housewarming gift.

milk frother, practical housewarming gift ideas

Milk Frother

Elevate their coffee or tea experience with a milk frother. It’s a small but significant addition to their morning routine. Expand on this gift with our unique selections from the “Thoughtful and Unique Gift Ideas” list, like a personalized mug or a care package filled with gourmet teas and honey​.

ONEBOM Kitchen Shears

A set of kitchen scissors is always a welcomed housewarming gift. As a home cook, you might think that a good set of knives is all you need to tackle any ingredient in the kitchen. And you might be right. But the truth is, the art of handling knives is not one everyone has mastered

a set of four candles, perfect housewarming gift idea

Customizable Candle Set

Made from natural organic top-quality soy wax, dye, and fragrances. These candles make for a nice addition to a shelf, coffee table, or nightstand.

Root Wood Dish

Perfect for keeping keys, wallets, remote controls, jewelry, and fruits. These kinds of trays are so versatile. Perfect housewarming gift ideas. To keep all essentials in place. Discover more innovative products like these in our collection of “Actually Useful Products for Everyday Life“​

a variety of key chains

Hand Painted Leather Key Rings

Available in every color combination you can think of. These hand-painted leather key rings are guaranteed to be a hit.

a plant in a planter with two watering glass globes | house warming gift ideas

 Plant Watering Globe

These beautiful glass globes are a decorative way to make sure the new homeowners’ plants stay hydrated all year long.

drink coasters

Glass Tile Coasters

Coasters are a housewarming gift classic. These are so chic and inexpensive, they will add a very unique touch to any home.

set of silver wear, perfect practical housewarming gift idea

Gold Silverware Set

Upgrade their silverware with this beautiful and modern set. Choose from silver, gold rose pink, mate black, and even blue.

Spice Subscription Box

A blend of spices, and paired with seasonally appropriate recipes. They’ll be able to taste spices from around the world with the monthly box. Choose from a 3, 6, or 9-month subscription.

butter dish

Butter Dish

A useful and practical housewarming gift perfect guarantee to be a hit. It’s simple but very practical. You butter get one.

Laundry Hamper

Not the typical housewarming gift, but useful and practical.

Olive Oil Dispenser

A perfect addition to their new kitchen. Pair it with a bottle of some organic fancy olive oil brand, and you have yourself a very thoughtful gift.

Sushi Making kit

This high-end restaurant-quality bamboo sushi-making kit complete with a guidebook, makes for a unique housewarming gift idea.

glass carafe with cup / housewarming gift ideas

Bedside Water Carafe

Stylish carafe, they can use it as a bedside decanter or mouthwash dispenser. Comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

Remember to consider the homeowners’ personal style and the functionality they may appreciate. For more unique and personalized gift ideas, our “Thoughtful and Unique Gift Ideas” article offers a range of options that can make any house feel like a home​​.

By choosing a practical housewarming gift, you’re not only providing a token of your affection but also a valuable addition to their new beginning.