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Gifts for Skateboarders of All Levels

gifts for skateboarders- the check stand gift guide

Shred in Style: Top Gifts for Skateboarders

Finding the perfect gifts for skateboarders in your life is all about researching and showing them you understand their passion and appreciate their love for skateboarding. Whether they’re just starting or have been skating for years, the right gift can make all the difference. The beauty of this gifts for skateboarders is that something as simple as a skateboard wax can be the most appreciated present

In our gift guide, we’ve included something for everyone, from practical items that every skateboarder needs to unique stocking stuffers that are sure to bring a smile. It’s all about celebrating the skateboarding lifestyle, no matter the recipient’s age or skill level, for a nephew who is just starting, to a boyfriend, or brother who’s a pro. Remember, to take the time and research. It shows the person receiving the gift that you care enough to understand what they’re passionate about. While teenagers might not always show their appreciation openly, they do notice and value the thought and effort you put into finding something that resonates with their interests.

If the present is for an older skateboarder, know that they, too, appreciate the thoughtfulness behind a well-chosen skate gift. It’s a gesture that acknowledges their enduring passion for skateboarding, a hobby or lifestyle that has likely played a significant role in their life for many years.

So when it comes to gifts for skateboarders, the key is to find items that reflect their love for the sport while also acknowledging their individuality. Our collection aims to cater to skateboarders of all ages and levels, ensuring that you’ll find something that perfectly suits the skater in your life. Whether you’re looking for skate gifts for girls, teen boys, or seasoned skaters, the effort you put into choosing the right present will surely be appreciated.

Skate Bearings

Yellow Jacket Premium Skate Bearings

High-quality Skate Bearings can totally change the game, making rides smoother and faster. It’s like giving your board a turbo boost. Perfect for any skater looking to upgrade their setup or replace worn-out parts.


Skateboards Wax - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Toy Machine Skateboards Wax

Skateboard Wax is essential for those looking to slide and grind without friction. It’s like butter for your board, making obstacles slick and ready for stunts. Plus, it’s a small, easy gift that every skater can appreciate.


Long Flat Bar Skate Rail

55″ Long Flat Bar Skate Rail

A dream come true for skaters looking to practice their grinds at home. It’s like having a piece of the skatepark in your backyard. Adjustable and portable, it’s perfect for skaters of all levels


Stickers Pack - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

106pcs Stickers Pack 

A skater’s delight for personalizing their gear. It’s a fun, colorful way to express themselves on boards, helmets, or laptops. Skaters can show off their personality and passions with every sticker


skaterboarder tool

Portable Skateboard T Tool Accessory 

You can’t never go wrong with buying a skater a universal skate tool. This is a lightweight tool that has everything they will need to tighten, or completely, assemble their skateboard. I usually leave mine in a backpack that I take with me.


Finger Skateboards toy - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Element Finger Skateboards

Your kids can customize their mini skatepark, practice their favorite tricks, and get stoked when they open this gift.


Professional Fingerboard Grind Box

Professional Fingerboard Grind Box

For those rainy days or when they can’t hit the skatepark, a Professional Fingerboard Grind Box keeps the stoke alive. It’s a mini skatepark for fingerboards, perfect for honing skills or just having fun. A quirky, unexpected gift that’s sure to bring smiles.


Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings

Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings

Upgrading with a new Longboard Skateboard Truck Bushings can dramatically change the ride’s feel. It’s a subtle but impactful way to customize steering and stability. Great for skaters who love to fine-tune their longboard’s performance.


Skateboard Crossing Aluminum Sign

Skateboard Crossing Aluminum Sign

The perfect decor for a skater’s garage or bedroom. It adds a cool, rebellious vibe to any space, declaring it a skater’s territory. It’s a fun, decorative gift that shows you get their passion


Parking Block - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Parking Block 

A Parking Block is not just for cars; it’s an iconic skate obstacle. Having one at home means skaters can practice their manuals and grinds anytime. It’s like a piece of the urban landscape, just for skating.


Skateboard Trucks Spare Parts Kit

Independent Skateboard Trucks Spare Parts Kit

Essential for maintenance and repairs. It’s the ultimate toolkit for keeping a skateboard in top condition, ensuring nothing stops the ride. A thoughtful gift for skaters who like to DIY.


Skateboard Spark Plate - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Tail Devil Skateboard Spark Plate

Adds a flash of fun to any night session. It attaches to the board and creates sparks during tricks and tail slides. It’s a unique way to light up the skatepark and stand out.


Skateboards Surf and Rail Adapter

Waterborne Skateboards Surf and Rail Adapter

transforms a regular skateboard into a carving machine, mimicking the fluid movements of surfing. It’s an innovative way to experience skateboarding, offering a new challenge and tons of fun.

skate wheel

Powell Peralta G-Bones 64mm

Are classic, smooth-riding wheels great for cruising and tricks. Their size and durability make them versatile for various skating styles. A gift that nods to skateboarding’s roots with modern performance.


Skateboard Practice Trucks - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Softrucks Skateboard Practice Trucks

Take your skateboard on the trampoline without fear of cutting a hole in the mat with your trucks by switching them out for Tramp Trucks. The soft urethane pieces were designed by a skater for skaters and look like wheels and allow you to practice tricks safely


Skate the World: Photographing One World of Skateboarding

Skate the World: Photographing One World of Skateboarding

This book is a visual journey through the global skateboarding scene, capturing the culture, camaraderie, and creativity of skaters around the world. It’s an inspiring look at skateboarding’s impact and beauty, perfect for any skater who appreciates the art of the sport


Bones Reds Bearings - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Bones Reds Bearings

Review – I purchased these for my reissue build. These bearings are great. They ride smoothly and are perfect for the build. I will buy it again and would definitely recommend them.


Skateboard Coloring Book - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Skateboard Coloring Book

A coloring book that brings the skate park to your living room, offering endless hours of creative fun. It’s a unique way to relax while celebrating skate culture, perfect for artists and skaters alike who love to blend their passions.


Adult Penny Skateboard 

Adult Penny Skateboard 

This compact skateboard is not just for kids; it’s a nimble ride for adults too, making it perfect for quick trips or as a playful addition to any skater’s collection. It’s about bringing a bit of joy and nostalgia into everyday commutes.


Single-Piece Skateboard Ramp - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Single-Piece Skateboard Ramp

Having your own skateboard ramp opens up endless possibilities for tricks and practice right in your backyard. It’s like a personal skate park that challenges you to push your limits and master new skills.


Electric Longboard

Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard

Electric longboarding combines the classic thrill of skateboarding with modern technology, offering a unique ride that’s both exhilarating and convenient. It’s for those who love the skateboarding vibe but are ready to take it to the next level with a bit of electric boost.



SkaterTrainers- Skateboard Tricks

magine landing new skateboard tricks faster and with less frustration. SkaterTrainers are like having a personal coach that makes your wheels stay put, giving you the stability to master ollies, kickflips, or any trick that’s been just out of reach. It’s about turning those skate dreams into reality, making it a brilliant gift for skaters who are eager to level up their skills and show off at the park.


Skateboard Racks Floor Stand

Skateboard Racks Floor Stand

A skateboard rack keeps all your gear in one neat place, making it easier to grab your board and go. It’s the perfect solution for skaters who love to stay organized and showcase their boards like the works of art they are.


Acrylic Paint Pens - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Acrylic Paint Pens

Acrylic paint pens allow for endless creativity, turning a skateboard into a personal canvas. It’s a great gift for skaters who want to stand out at the park with a board that truly represents their style.


Skateboard Lights Waterproof 

Skateboard Lights Waterproof 

Here’s a great way to customize your skateboard, and make it easier to skate at night. These underglow lights that attach to skateboard are awesome and come in various colors.


Skateboard Storage Rack Wall - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Skateboard Storage Rack Wall

Here’s another great way to store skateboards. Get them a wall rack, especially if the skater you know doesn’t have a lot of floor space. These are easy to install and sturdy enough for any type of board.




Santa Cruz is an iconic skating brand that makes all kinds of skating gear and skateboards, including apparel. So the skateboarder in your life would love to receive this t-shirt that’s great for skating


Volcom Long Sleeve - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Volcom Long Sleeve

Long sleeves from iconic skate brands offer the perfect blend of style and comfort, making them ideal for chilly skate sessions or just kicking back. It’s about wearing your skate pride on your sleeve, quite literally.


2 Wheel Skateboard

2 Wheel Skateboard

This two-wheeled skateboard adds an extra challenge, perfect for skaters looking to test their balance and try something new. It’s a fun twist on traditional skateboarding, offering a fresh way to enjoy the sport


hat - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Tillak Kodra Hat

A stylish, durable hat not only shields you from the sun but also makes a statement about sustainability and outdoor adventure. It’s for the skater who appreciates practicality, style, and making eco-friendly choices


DC Youth Skate Shoe

DC Youth Skate Shoe

Skate shoes designed for youth bring comfort, durability, and style to every skate session. They’re the foundation for any young skater’s journey, offering the support they need to skate confidently.


Skateboarding Girl Tattoos Coloring Book

Skateboarding Girl Tattoos Coloring Book

A coloring book filled with skateboarding-inspired tattoos offers a unique outlet for creativity and relaxation. It’s perfect for anyone who loves art, skate culture, and the idea of blending both in a beautifully creative way.


Kids Learner Skateboard

Kids Learner Skateboard

A learner skateboard is the perfect starting point for kids, designed to help develop balance and self-confidence. It’s about making skateboarding accessible and fun, encouraging kids to embrace the sport from an early age.


Knee Pads for Kids

Knee Pads for Kids

Knee pads are essential for young skaters, providing the protection they need to skate confidently and safely. It’s about encouraging fearless learning while keeping safety a top priority.


LEGO City Skate Park - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

LEGO City Skate Park

LEGO sets bring the skate park home, offering a creative and interactive way to celebrate skateboarding culture. It’s a great gift for kids and adults alike, combining the love of building with the excitement of skateboarding.

Skateboard Grip Tape  - Gifts for Skateboarders on The Check Stand

Skateboard Grip Tape

Any experienced skater will tell you how much grip tape they go through, making this the perfect way to get them a useful gift. They make all different types of grip tape, but this is our recommendation as it’s the most commonly used among skaters.