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The Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers

For the Fitness loving Freaks

Are you one of those cardio freaks who loves to sweat just for fun? Maybe you know someone who is, or you got a friend who’s currently on their way to becoming one. Whatever the case might be, here is a list of Gifts for Fitness Lovers.  

model in front of interactive mirror, gifts for fitness lovers


An interactive video screen that provides home workout instruction and functions as a mirror when not in use.

model on the floor with legs rested on foam roller, gifts for fitness lovers

TriggerPoint Foam Roller

The best foam roller for exercise. A perfect deep tissue massager, and gift for fitness lovers.

a smart skiprope, gifts for fitness lovers

Smart SkipRope

This rope communicates your workout information to your smartphone during your workout. No more keeping track in your head of how many reps you’ve accomplished.

model wearing wrist weights gifts for fitness lovers

Bala Weights

The most stylish adjustable wearable wrist and ankle weights. Choose from a variety of colors.

water bottle gifts for fitness lovers

Hydro Flask water bottles

Sustainable metal water bottle with a clean design, the perfect gift for a fitness lover.

rolled up yoga mat gifts for fitness lovers

Jade Yoga Mat

A sustainable matt, designed to Provide A Secure Grip to Help Hold Your Pose.

pair of boxing gloves and iphone gifts for fitness lovers

Electric Vibrating Massage Ball

Vibrating Deep Tissue Massager for Pain Relief & Muscle Recovery, a great gift for a fitness lover.

DribbleUP smart boxing gloves

These gloves count your reps live and track your progress. They’re also paired with a constantly changing library of On-Demand classes.

muscle massager gun

Theragun Mini

Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun. A great gift for a fitness lover.

female model holding round ring used as a weight

Bala Power Ring

A 10 pounds weight, helps with strength, agility, endurance, and balance.

female model stretching with suspension elastic

TRX GO Suspension Trainer

A suspension training strap, for indoor and outdoor workouts.

model wearing a headband gift ideas for fitness lovers

Muse S

The Muse S is a meditation device that makes meditating that much easier, by keeping track of your practice and providing you real-time information on the brain and body.

pack of body wipes gift ideas for fitness lovers

HyperGo Quick Mint Refreshing Body Wipes

These post-workout Wipes for Cleansing, are biodegradable and made with All-Natural Ingredients.


Mymyro Deodorant

Silky smooth sulfate-free deodorant, made from 99 percent natural ingredients. 

two hand weights and a gym pass gift ideas for fitness lovers

ClassPass Membership

Different from a traditional gym membership, with ClassPass there are no high-paying membership fees, you can attend as many classes and gyms as you please.

under desk elliptical machine gift for fitness lovers

Cubii JR1 Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Incorporate some movement into your day while sitting in the fort of the TV or computer.