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12 of The Best Fidget Toys for Adults

fidget toy for adult

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Fidgeting is our body’s way of releasing restless energy, shaking that leg uncontrollably, nail-biting… Fidget toys for adults aim to tackle the problem, and they are proving to serve a valuable purpose. If you’ve ever twirled your pencil or played with the strings from your hoodie, you’ve used a fidget item. The science points out that fidget items can have some practical uses for adults. Rather than pressuring yourself to stop fidgeting, here is a list of items to help find a constructive way to do so.

brass spinning top - fidget toy

CHEETOP Exquisite Brass Spinning Top

A spinning top is one of the best fidget toys. It helps with staying calm and relaxed, and it improves hand-eye coordination, while also staying focused.

metal mandala magic loop adult fidget toy

Mandala Magic Loops

The Mandala is absolutely perfect. It is made out of thin and flexible wire, many times adorned with beads. The Mandala changes forms and shapes in a very satisfying and smooth transition.

small cube with multiple levers and buttons to push - adult fidget toy

Fidget Cube 

With a variety of pressure-activated buttons and levers to push, this is a perfect fidget item to take on a plane, a long car ride, or during a meeting.

Fidget Toys for Adults

Begleri Worry Beads

This small toy has two beads at each end of a short string. The toy can be used to twirl around the fingers to reduce stress.

ring with small metal balls - adult fidget toy

Fidget Anxiety Ring

The ring is discreet, and not distracting. Wear it on any finger, and slide the silver balls in any direction, to help stay focused and concentrated.

key chain bolt and nut for spinning

Captive Nut

No more anxiety at work, in meetings, on road trips, or on flights, take it with you on a plane, to calm your fear of flying.

G-WACK Stress Relief Desk Toys

For stress relief, these small magnetic balls (approximately 50 per pack) can be turned into any shape desirable.

tube metal necklace / Fidget Toys for Adults

Mindful Breathing Necklace

Breathe through it slowly for relaxation.

Tom’s Fidgets

The flippy chain doesn’t distract or draw attention (unlike its cousin, the fidget spinner) and Is perfect for use In classrooms, offices, meetings, and airplanes.

Fidget Toys for Adults

Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

The silicone-based Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is capable of bouncing, which means you can bounce it on your desk after sculpting it into the shape your desire

Poker Push Slider 

The poker fidget slider is completely made of stainless steel. The front and back of the slider are exquisitely carved with a skeleton and king of poker K. 

Fidget Toys for Adults

Pocket Ball

Helps minimize bad habits by occupying your hands. The ball in the center of the toy rotates in all directions, so you can spin or twist it however you like.

Fidget Toys for Adults

ONO Roller 

The perfect gift for that coworker who can’t stop clicking their pen. The ONO Roller helps relieve stress, anxiety, and tension.

Fidget Toys for Adults

PUOSUO Six-Edge Solid Brass Pen

Sturdy, decompressing, highly-reviewed Amazon pen, perfect for that coworker who can’t stop clicking.

Therapy Dough

Holistic Aromatherapy Stress Relieving Putty. The dough works as a stress reliever for adults. Mold it as you please, to help with stress and for hand exercise.