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18 Gift Ideas for Taurus

collection of items, t shirt with taurus logo, candle, perfume set, and flip flops

for the dependable and loyal Bull

Taurus are known for loving the finest things in life. Unlike their Aries counterparts, who chase after bold and daring adventures, or Pisces, who dream deeply and are moved by the artistic and ethereal. Taurus is grounded in the beauty of the physical, so picking out suitable gift ideas for a Taurus friend might seem tricky. But leveraging the power of the zodiac can make Gift-giving a breeze.

So for this material creature, lover of fragrances, fine textures, and all things luxury, the following list compiles great gift ideas for a Taurus. Taurus know what they like and don’t, but as long as it’s cozy, fancy, and practical, they’ll love it.

Firstleaf Wine Subscription

A bottle of wine is always a thoughtful gift. Help them unwind after a long day of work.

Crossbody bag

Completely handmade Real Fox fur bag. A controversial and unique option, that encompasses luxury and fine textures.

Tocca Mini Perfume Collection Set

Mini fragrance sets are ideal. They always end up making the perfect fancy travel-size perfume. One of the best gift ideas for a Taurus.


Vintage Mid-Century Stemmed Glasses

If anyone will appreciate this set of glass coasters would be classy Taurus.

Taurus Zodiac T-shirt

A Sublet graphic tee, in black or white. One of the best gift ideas for a Taurus.

rolled up and folded towel / taurus gift ideas

Turkish Cotton Towel

Review “Bought these to replace our clumpy towels, they look so much more elegant and expensive than shoddy threaded hard old school towels. Also, these can be used for so many things. I used it as a scarf / wrap when traveling to save on luggage. Had so many compliments! Love love love it!”

model wearing a pajama set, long sleeve top and pants

Tie Dye Printed Pajamas Set

The softest most comfortable pajama set, choose from many colors long pants or short.

set of two pairs of slippers / gift ideas for a taurus

 Soft Slippers

Taurus work hard, but they relax harder. Pamper them with a pair of soft slippers. Perfect to wear around the house.

glass jewlery box with rings and necklaces displayed

Glass Jewelry Organizer

They’ll love this glass box just as much as its function, perfect for displaying their jewelry and trinkets.

Skin Care Serums Kit

Highly rated skin care serum, the best treatment to help them keep their skin looking firm and young.

cylinder tube with make up brushes inside

Makeup Brushes UV Sanitizer 

One of those chic and practical presents. Because washing makeup brushes is not only a hassle, the frequent washing diminishes their quality. If your Taurus is into makeup, they’ll love this UV sanitizer.

set of 3 lip balms with box / gift ideas for a Taurus

Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile + Balm Lip Gift Set

You can’t never go wrong with a set of fancy lip balms.

graphic tee with design of a bull / gift ideas for a taurus

Zodiac Shirt

Not all presents have to be glamorous, sometimes something as simple as a fun graphic tee is enough.

luggage carry on / taurus gift ideas

Coolife Luggage

With a warranty of up to 3 years, this stylish suitcase is one of many great gift ideas for a Taurus. Choose from a variety of colors.

travel kit with  neck pillow, eye mask, and earplugs / gif ideas for a taurus

MLVOC Travel Kit

Review “This setup is a huge upgrade from those flat half-moon things they used to call neck pillows.”

airpurifier machine / gift ideas for taurus

LEVOIT Air Purifier

This air purifier is guaranteed to keep the air in your Taurus home clean without compromising style.

a set of skincare products, hand cream, shampoo, lotion, and a sponge

Aesop Gift Card

A gift card from this luxury skincare brand is a perfect gift idea for a Taurus, they know luxury and good products.


Add a little flavor to their lives, with free spice refills for 5 years they’ll have an endless amount of flavor.

decal sticker on the back of a car window

Taurus Decal

A fun decal for their car, computers, and bedroom windows.